no man is an island John Donne

Is it possible to get social media satisfaction?

no man is an island John Donne

You may have been asked to complete a social media satisfaction survey. Online of course.  Saw my first one a while ago.

And I’ve been wondering since then whether social media can offer any satisfaction at all?

Human beings are social creatures.

The HeartMath Institute ( studies the benefits of being with people. Take a look a this informative video about heart-mind connections.

The film is very inspiring. But it raises a question or two.

How can we use social media to make life more fulfilling?
And that’s not just for individuals but for families, groups and organizations. Society at large.

How can social media have a positive role in our culture?
Does it have a role?

Could it be that the phrase, ‘social media satisfaction’ is actually a mis-direct. After watching the film it would appear impossible for a human being to gain lasting satisfaction through use of  social media. Humans are somehow made to interact and thrive with other humans.

And here’s where this gets personal.

I used Facebook for 10 years (almost). And guess what …

In that time I’ve heard and seen so much abuse and argument, rudeness, crudeness and all sorts of nastiness. Among friends. What to speak of among people I don’t know.

Arguments and quarrel rule supreme.

If someone stands for a certain point of view they get slammed. If someone argues, rationally, with grace; they get slammed. If a person states an opinion they are likely to be judged, ridiculed and branded immediately as ‘extreme’.

Social media has become a combination of adverts, gossip, nastiness, arguments and dissension.

Shop nation.

The UK is a nation of shoppers. A nation of online shoppers. Recently read that up to half UK consumers are waiting for ‘Black Friday’ bargains this year. That’s a lot of people waiting to buy a lot of things. Looking for lasting satisfaction in temporary, material objects.

What can we do?

So really we, the Internet community, should not get caught by the economic pull of quick profits. But we should be looking for ways to enhance the human experience with real personal interaction. Not superfluous things like social networks. Because they’re not real people. They are software tools created with good intentions. But been ‘bought-up’ to make money from the masses for a few people.

Light is there too.

Of course there is light among the darkness. Love, truth, wisdom, hope, compassion and transcendent reality can be found in social media too! But all too few people are posting love.

So finally it’s come time to get thinking caps on. And time to bid farewell to social media. It’s been interesting.


How the Internet can help communities


Online communities are all very well. But the real need in society is to build and sustain our actual, physical communities.

It’s up to us ‘people’ to build community.

Community doesn’t happen by accident. Nor does it happen by government decree.

Community, by definition, is developed by groups of people.

Recently a musician friend was telling me how much he wanted to stop the smartphone revolution. Because it was stopping people communicating face-to-face.

Communication has long been known to involve much more than the words themselves. It is about body-language, tone of voice, pitch, intensity and emotion.


The words have famously been researched to only make up 7% of the communication.

So reducing communication to only online means losing touch with all the human ‘soft’ elements that come with interaction.

So learning how the Internet can help communities is fundamental.

Communities can use online services to support themselves. For instance mailing lists, SMS lists and social media pages are great tools to support the community. Keeping everyone in the loop.

Using a mix of elements is the day-to-day reality for most of us.

So we might check our email or Facebook for information and notifications. We might listen to the local radio. There may be a poster in the newsagent when we go for milk. Or a friend might tell us what’s happening, how is so-and-so and any latest gossip.

So here lies a challenge to us in the Internet industry … how to make the Internet serve our communities? How can the Internet be used to stop our society from fragmentation and isolation?

Maybe the time is right for some useful community based apps? And how about a free smartphone for all. This would certainly even the field although many elderly people simple can’t use a smartphone …



SEO in 2016

SEO in 2016

SEO is dead – I was informed of this in a meeting last week. It was relayed from an online marketing training course. Social media is the new recommended alternative approach to obtaining web traffic.

Just hearing the phrase ‘SEO is dead’ raised a smile I admit.

SEO in 2016

Because SEO in 2016 is highly evolved.

If you publish using WordPress, Drupal or other popular CMS systems you have access to excellent tools to help you. These are for SEO and readability.

A few months ago we looked at the new zen of search engine optimisation; the importance of creating good quality content.

But quality rules.

This is still the fundamental benchmark – original, unique, quality content.

And popularity of course.

Secondly though is how important other respected websites view this content.

So to get your content recognised and respected you have to share it with your audiences. Existing and potential.

By following the principle of ‘answer the question‘ your content will be found by people searching for the answer(s) you give.

So success in SEO in 2016 needs awareness of the potential you have. Find the right balance of copy, imagery, audio and video to get your messages heard – Loud and Clear!

You may consider creating an ‘app’ for your customers, clients, users. Apps combine with websites and social media profiles to fully immerse people in your experience. And consequently in your brand.

Google are prioritising ‘mobile search’ in recognition of the shift in users away from desktops. ‘Local search’ is also crucial for any business or local based service, artisan or other. So being able to offer a complete experience using an app is well worth evaluating.

SEO in 2016 tips.

So your full SEO strategy for 2017/18 should include things like;

  • make sure the ‘answer the question’ principle applies to all new content
  • use social media to expand, promote and interact with audiences and potential customers
  • use YouTube
  • make regular use of your mailing list – this is where the best ‘gold’ usually resides
  • use your analytics data to see what is working for you and maximise the return
  • look at creating your own app for mobiles and tablets
  • watch ‘search’ trends and keep a particular eye on your industry to see where you can promote your messages

Finally, don’t neglect your SEO in 2016 because somebody tells you. Everyone else at the top of the lists are working hard to make sure they stay there. Keep your focus on the best and strive to build your credibility.


ds can hide your messages and lead to the monetisation mistake

The monetisation mistake

ds can hide your messages and lead to the monetisation mistake

Have you noticed how many websites entice you with provocative headlines? Often the headline is accompanied by a thumbnail. So you click the link and the site loads, bombarding you with adverts, videos, mailing list sign-ups and the rest. These websites do this because they want to make money. The links are known as ‘click-bait’.

And here lies the monetisation mistake.

If there was a genuine interest in sharing news, messages, interesting discoveries and the rest then things would be different. But at the present time many websites are simply in existence to make their owners money.

In the early ’90s we were told to prepare for the information super-highway. This would revolutionise our lives with fast access to data.

The reality some 25 years on is a little different.

For a start the term ‘information super-highway’ was dropped long ago in favour of ‘the Internet’. And we now are in a culture of ‘monetisation’.

So really the Internet is being used by many as a form of gold mining.

That’s not to say there’s no innovation or new ideas. But the simple reality on a day to-day basis is that more and more sites seem to be happy to cover their content in advertisements.

These advertisements usually have nothing to do with the original website. Or anything to do with the original content.

News Aggregators best for latest info.

Over the last six months I’ve been testing news aggregators. There is a good one from Apple called ‘News’ and a few on the Android platform. These aggregators take feeds from lots of sources and combine them into categorised news collections.  Each aggregator allows you to completely customise the content.

The main thing I’ve observed is that content is cleaner in the aggregators. So you get the story without all the ads.

For example Wales Online have lots of stories relating to my locality. On the aggregators the Wales Online stories are organised and load really fast. If I then go to the Wales Online website to find the same story I meet video overlays and video inserts that play automatically. This is while I’m trying to read an article. So I turn off the ads and then the page jumps around while it loads another set of ads.

By this time I’m thinking to leave the site and go back to the news aggregator. Can you relate to this?

An interesting app called Medium is another slightly different tool and I’m just checking it out at the moment. It’s aimed at ‘writers and thinkers’ but so far seems full of things like ’10 ways to look clever in meetings’.

Do you need it?

If you’re a website owner you should ask yourself. Do adverts undermine your messages?

Are there other ways to get this website to pay for itself and make extra?

meta descriptions do matter

Meta descriptions have a special role

It might be more appropriate to say; do meta descriptions have a role?

And yes indeed they do.

meta descriptions do matter

Meta descriptions serve a primary purpose.

Put simply, meta descriptions are there to generate ‘click-throughs’ to websites from search engines. In your case; click-throughs to your website.

So your carefully crafted meta description is your chance to persuade the Google user to click on your link.

The user is given a page of search results as a response to their query. The results comprise adverts, Google’s own content relevant to the search and a listing of ‘organic’ results.

Every single link on the search results page is competing for the ‘click’.

Your link needs to stand out.

In among all the listings yours has to connect with the potential visitor.  When this single, elusive person reads your meta description do they then say to themselves. “I think I’ve found what I’m looking for. This looks promising.”

If the answer is yes then you’re on the right lines.

meta descriptions example

It’s worth investing the extra effort.

So you made lots of effort to make your brilliant web pages. All with great content; well written copy, excellent images etc. Or maybe its your e-commerce website with your products listed on show 24 hours a day. You now need to make each page shine in summary.

Meta descriptions in brief.

Meta descriptions need to be clear, clean, to the point.

Each web page or post needs a unique description.

Its a brief summary, including the page title, of the content on the page. It is exactly what it’s called; a ‘meta’ or ‘brief’ or ‘summary’ description.

Meta descriptions need not include every single point or piece of information but they give the potential user an overview.

Above all; they need to be compelling!

If you’re interested in getting help with sorting out your meta descriptions please contact us here >

Competitive, affordable rates are available.

SCL Internet Services homepage

SCL Internet launch updated website

Congratulations to friends and colleagues at SCL Internet Services. They just launched their newly updated website.

And its sleek, streamlined and super-fast. Even though they describe it as an ongoing project its great to see the new site live.

SCL Internet launch updated website

Experience and flair to get the job done.

SCL are experienced web and software development pros. Their team combine a wealth of skills and experience. They are free from airs-and-graces and practice the ‘Agile’ approach to development, project management and the business as a whole. So there’s no wastage.

A client recently told me about SCL.

“Everyone else I asked failed but SCL succeeded. That’s big companies and agencies that couldn’t do the job. But SCL achieved what I wanted.”

And he wasn’t the first person I’ve heard say it.

Tusler Design have worked with SCL since 2005 on many projects; large, medium and small. Always happy to recommend them.

Check out the new website at

Skin type guide

Conscious Skincare new website

Exciting and dynamic UK company ‘Conscious Skincare’ recently launched their newly updated website.

Conscious Skincare new website

Working with Dan and Govi at SCL Internet in Cardigan the project was to take the original website and re-create it in WordPress and Woocommerce. And a fine job it is too.

The entire Conscious Skincare range of products are organic and animal friendly.

The products are made in the UK, mostly in Wales. And mostly from fresh ingredients too. Which makes for a very special combination.

The new website involved a whole team of people working together to produce a really good quality piece of work.

The Conscious Skincare new website is particularly interesting when you hear Rebecca and Quentin’s story. All about how they came to be making organic skin care products.

Skin type guide

Conscious Skincare are thoughtful to give users a skin type guide.

It’s been a privilege to work with them on developing the updated site. Now mobile-friendly, user-friendly, search-engine friendly and rather splendid.

Take a look and see if you can resist trying some body butter or bath soak.

The beautiful website is at

Social Media Network Overview

This Social Media Network Overview is here to help clarify what social media is being used for and how you can use it to your advantage.

There are so many social networks nowadays. Its completely bewildering.

Just where do you start with social media?

In the United Kingdom the main social media platforms are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Here’s an overview of the main networks and how you might use them for your business.

Social Media Network Overview – Part 1.



Users: Facebook reports 1.49 billion users monthly. Asia accounts for 28%, Europe for 24%, USA and Canada for 17% and the rest of the world for 30% of those users. Roughly 50/50 male and female balance.

How it’s used: Facebook is the largest social network in the world. Users can share products and content that resonates with them. Facebook offers brand, company and product pages where users can interact with and review brands based on their experiences.

How you can use it: Facebook is the place for ‘long-form content’. With no character or word limit these posts get the most Facebook shares and likes. So start writing your epic stories and promotions! Encourage your fans to post reviews or stories about their experiences with your site on your brand page. Facebook is also a great platform to offer insider tips, troubleshooting ideas, meet-up and event invites and those all important promotional offers.



Users: Twitter reports 304 million users monthly. The majority of those users are from Asia, North America and Western Europe. They are 90% male.

How it’s used: Twitter was made for short commentary. That’s within 140 characters or less. Users can (and do) use it to talk about and interact with brands about their products or services.

How you can use it: Encourage your users to tweet about your brand, letting others know why they love it. Or create a hashtag to kick-start a conversation. Be sure to re-tweet others to show appreciation. Respond if asked a question or tagged in a tweet. If its appropriate, brands can post about what’s trending to increase visibility. The primary principle of Twitter is to be part of a conversation and not just talk about yourself.



Users: YouTube reports over one billion users worldwide. 30% of visitors from the US and 70% from the rest of the world. It is broadcast in 54 languages. No information on male/female balance.

How it’s used: YouTube offers users the opportunity to watch videos for free, or create and upload their own. Videos are easy to comment on, rate, and share on social media and blogs. Many of the users report using it like a super TV. They just go on YouTube when they’re online.

How you can use it: Create videos and upload them – sounds easy! YouTube is a great platform for creating videos of any length. So product overviews, tutorials, demonstrations, promotions, interviews, demonstrations and the rest can all go on. YouTube viewers are looking to watch interesting, creative, fun and informative videos. Your options are limitless and you can use it to reach that audience who don’t tend to use other online services.

Other platforms that are good for you to consider using are:

  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram

More to come next post on these and a quick look at a few others as well.

If you’d like some input on improving your social media presence then please contact us.

Answer the question

Answer the question

Answer the question

People use the Internet to answer questions. Right?

The searches they make are always looking for answers. Looking for solutions. Ways of solving issues, problems, challenges, dilemmas and the rest.

So create your content to answer their questions.

Universal opportunities to get to the top.

The opportunity for website owners lies in thinking about the questions people ask, and creating answers.

So if your content is the best answer for a specific question, you should expect it to be at the top of Google’s search results right?

You may have noticed the huge amount of competition on Google. Sometimes millions of pages are shown as having the ‘answer’ to any particular search query.

Become the authority.

If you can make your page the ‘authority’ on the matter at hand, you really can compete on the front page. Your humble offering can be there right along with the big publishers pages.

You just have to stick to your principles and talk about what you know. From your point of view. Especially if you have a unique viewpoint, a deep personal experience or just are able to relax and communicate in simple terms.

Keep it personal.

The audience you are talking to is almost always an individual person. On their own in front of their computer. Or iPad or phone…

You are having a conversation. Where they are the listener. So try to avoid droning on. No one likes long-winded text.

Make cornerstone or foundation pages.

Create ‘cornerstone’ pages of content on your website about key words, terms and phrases that are relevant to the subject of your website.

Make sure these cornerstone pages are rich with decent content.

Then create sub-pages of additional informative content around each cornerstone page. This way you can add content and value to your website in a structured and ‘rational’ way.

Of course there is room for ‘random’ posts. But on the whole you want to stick to your subject because that is where you will become an authority.

Let time work for you.

Be patient because it can take some time to become recognised as someone to go to for answers.

But if you keep adding and keep thinking about your visitors and what they are looking for, eventually you will see your traffic increase and your sales, inquiries and newsletter sign-ups increase.

Tusler Design have over 15 years experience creating effective content. Contact us today about your website.

iskcon 5050 campaign

Fifty books for fifty years campaign

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness celebrates 50 years of incorporation in 2016.

The ISKCON 5050 Campaign is an initiative to encourage and support all members of the society to give out fifty books during the year.

These are not just any books but books filled with transcendental knowledge from the Sanskrit Vedas of ancient India.

iskcon 5050 campaign

It was a pleasure to work with the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust and the International Society for Krishna Consciousness on developing the website and Facebook page for the campaign.

The website includes a password protected resource area for temples and communities worldwide to download. Resources include certificates and print artwork.

Check out the website at

Mobile everything

The revolution goes on. Now users can do it all on a mobile device. This blog post is being written on a touch screen while sat at someone’s kitchen table. All new work is now tested on mobile devices before being published. It’s the new way.

Are you mobile ready? Checking stats for visitors using mobiles?

People expect it to work.

A generation or two ago it was not expected to work. But that was then. Now everyone expects their mobile device to work everywhere, for everything.

Sitting in the theatre last week we were surrounded by people on their phones. As soon as the interval began they whipped them out and started Facebooking and emailing. It was at least half the people there if not more. 

 This photo was taken on a mobile – few years ago now. And chances are you’re reading this on a mobile (or tablet).

So we humans have embraced mobile technology and all that comes with it. But how does it affect us? Is our dependence on technology beneficial? Is it helping us in our journey? Do we even have the vaguest idea as to why we are here? And does using all our time checking pics and posts benefit us? Will we wish we’d spent more time on Candy Crush Saga or whatever when we are on our death bed? I don’t think so.

We should be giving our customers a great experience. An easy experience and a timely experience. Meaning it shouldn’t be ‘hard’ for them to use our services and buy from us. And it should be fast and secure. All available when they want to buy/use.

Drop Pat a line to about making your website mobile friendly as well as user-friendly today.

mobile phone

Think Mobile

The Internet has changed it’s user interface over the last few years. It’s gone mobile. You probably noticed.

Do you ‘think mobile’ when creating content?

Do you check your pages and newsletters on your mobile before you publish?

If you have a website, a web shop, a web presence of any kind – it needs to speak to people using mobiles.

Tablets and smart phones are the main devices used to access the Internet now.

TVs are also used increasingly. They are different though because they access specific services rather than general websites and social media platforms.

So as a content creator you need to look at your text, images, videos etc on as many devices as you can. It can be a shock to see your work, that you’ve spent hours creating, looks a mess on a iPad. Especially if many of your potential market is using an iPad to access content.

Think Mobile

The same website working on three different screen sizes at once.

Think mobile first!

If you’re working with a developer (or team of developers) they will be telling you to think mobile first. It has become the buzz word at the moment in the online design industry.

Improves SEO.

Designing and creating for mobile first means you are automatically going to get a better SERP (search engine result position) than before.

Improves Accessibility.

Creating for mobile first means you will also be making your content accessible to everyone, regardless of device. This is very important.

Improves Design.

Designing for mobile is more challenging than for big screen so usually you have to work a bit harder to get it right.

Good for Business.

Mobile first design and development is good for business because it means your customers can access your products and services wherever they are. And whenever they like. As mentioned above it also helps search engine position which means more traffic as well.

Who knows what the future will bring but for now – think mobile!

Top 50 Design Blogs

Top 50 design blogs

Top 50 Design Blogs

Tusler Design are among the top 50 design blogs in the UK.

It’s nice to be noticed.

The listing is by Gabriel Price and is posted on ‘RebatesZone’ at

Will have a look at the other 49 above Tusler Design and see what they’re up to.

Hopefully there will be some gems to add to the Design Directory.

If you know of a good website or resource please drop a line to

Also if you know of a site that’s not in the top 50 design blogs in the UK but should be …

Thanks for reading the Tusler Design blog.

Dylan Thomas Cranes new website

Dylan Thomas Cranes new website

Dylan Thomas Cranes, Plant and Machinery Hire have a new website.

Dylan Thomas Cranes new website

Tusler Design worked with the team at Dylan Thomas Cranes to create their new marketing profile and website. It’s a business/corporate style website created using WordPress and a customised version of the iMax theme.

Crane and plant hire is a varied and interesting industry. DT Cranes get asked to work on wide range of projects. Creating solutions for complex challenging lifts mean that Dylan and his guys are experts in a unusual and highly-specialised field.

The new website is at

Tusler Design really enjoyed working with the team at Dylan Thomas Cranes and achieving a great result together.

The Design Directory

Directory updated and expanded

The Tusler Design Directory just expanded.

Part of the fun of being involved in website design and development is seeing the amazing websites people come up with.

Since 1999 I’ve been looking at all sorts of websites for design ideas, examples (good and bad) and general inspiration. Many of these websites are now listed in the public directory updated and expanded pages here on Tusler Design. Before that I kept them private.

Have a look and see what you think for yourself.

The Design Directory

The websites that set the standard.

The university websites are a good standard for where the industry is heading. These sites constantly evolve reflecting trends in technology, improvements in design and more effective usability.

Most attractive websites.

The most attractive designs are in the yacht builders section and the automobile section. But there are lots of great ideas in all the categories. And you will see how the different industries compare.

For example some of the band and musician sites are fantastic. But it is mostly the more recent artists who seem to put energy into their sites. Established acts don’t put as much effort in and consequently have been left out of the directory for the time being.

Web development tools and resources as well.

You will see there is also a large section on web development resources. These are sites and tools I use and recommend to others.

Your feedback is welcome.

Feel free to drop me a line with any comments or feedback or comment on the Facebook page.

What we do - unique original websites

Website in a nutshell

Creating your new website in a nutshell.

Tusler Design work with you to;

1. Make a plan

Website design examples by Tusler DesignWe’ll happily help you with this but it comes from what you want to achieve and how, for who and when.

2. Buy the domain names

We’ve lots of experience to help you choose effective, appropriate domain names for your business. And we can help you buy the domains you want as well.

3. Set up the web-space and install WordPress

We take care of WordPress installation for most of our clients.

4. Design and configuration

We design and configure websites for clients large, medium and small.

5. Populate with content

If you already have content we can help get it ready for publication online. And/or we can produce content for you.

6. Create mailing lists and social media profiles

The other side of internet marketing is to create your mailing lists and social profiles. We do this for clients and help get it up and running.

7. Roll out site publication and celebrate

Once the site is ready it goes ‘live’ and we then proceed to number 8…

8. Review using analytics, inquiries and sales figures

Web site visitor data is rich nowadays and makes for great review material. Useful sales information helps with developing new products and decision making about how to grow overall.

Dawn to Dusk Enduro new website

Dawn to Dusk Enduro new website

Motorcycle extremes.

Enjoyed working for SCL with the guys at Touratech in Swansea to create the website for the Dawn to Dusk Enduro over the last few weeks.

This has got to be one of the most challenging events in sport. These guys ride their motorbikes over the most difficult track you’ve ever seen. It has to be seen to be believed.

Having grown up in the world of sailing and racing sailing boats I never came across the insane world of motorcycle racing over impossible terrain. Yes I’d seen the Paris to Dakar and have seen the documentary Madness in the Desert but I had no idea that it was happening here in Wales.

The event is in its 14th year so its well established. Riders come from all over the world to take part in the 24 hour marathon endurance race.

There is little doubt you’ve got to be pretty fit and fairly competent to complete the full marathon. There are shorter races though with a junior 2-hour session as well before the main race begins.

Dawn to Dusk Enduro new website is a cracker!

Dawn to Dusk Enduro new website

The site is full of information about the event and links to the registration site as well. There are race videos, photo galleries and a news section, plus results from the past races.

This year’s event is coming up at the end of August so check it out now

The site is built using WordPress publishing system and the Automotive theme.

There is a new zen of search engine optimisation

The new zen of search engine optimisation

There is a new zen of search engine optimisation

Things have changed for good. For the last 15 years or so there have been all sorts of tricks and dubious means of achieving decent results in search engine pages.

Now this has changed – the playing field is much more even.

There is a new zen of search engine optimisation…

it is simply, ‘quality’.

Web Content

Your site should be practically overflowing with good quality content.

Quality is paramount.

Meaning – if you can create interesting, unique, relevant content about your chosen subject – your pages will appear high in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

All the algorithms of the search companies have been updated to seek out ‘fresh, relevant, unique and interesting’ content.

So all website owners and creators can now focus on quality. Without feeling any need to compromise and use negative or dis-honest tactics in their web marketing.

The focus on quality can be spread throughout websites, social media, newsletters, videos and all publications.

This presents business owners and individuals with a fantastic opportunity to make a mark on the world wide web. And they make their mark by being individual and unique in content along with applying the right general principles for online success.

Tell your story.

So search engine optimisation has become much more accessible to all of us – because all of us have a story to tell about our products and our experiences. Each story is unique because we are all unique.

Audiences love stories and have done so since time began. So learn to tell the story of your products and of your business and help your customers to connect their story with yours. Think through their needs and their questions. Then create content that addresses these questions. Make it easy to use and access.

Reward your visitors and customers with timely news and updates.

Relationships are what build long-term trust. So as business owners its up to us to connect with our audience and help them negotiate the daunting world of online marketing.

Contact us about your website today >

Do adverts undermine your messages

Does hosting adverts of other companies and third parties on your website and your social media channels undermine your credibility? In other words. Do adverts undermine your messages?

So here’s the thing with adverts.

Do adverts undermine your messages and make your visitors into sheepYou spent lots of time creating your content. You’ve made your video, you’ve created graphics, written copy and got it all just right.

Then you totally undermine your credibility and sometimes your brand by allowing advertisements to be placed in your content. Ads that you cannot control.

Ads, adverts, advertising and advertisements are widespread and in-your-face on the Internet.

Lots of websites with interesting content seem to love having Google ads and other ads all over their websites.

These are often sites with challenging new insights on subjects. Or sites with something to say that no-one else is saying.

But they loose their originality with the audience by becoming another one of the ubiquitous ad delivery mechanisms that bombard us constantly.

Ads distract us from getting the message.

So you or I will go for a reason to a website. To learn something, research a topic or to solve a problem. We may even want to buy something. And find we have to dodge the adverts.

Often there are pop-up windows commanding ‘Like us on Facebook’ or ‘Sign-up for our mailing list’. This is before you’ve engaged with content properly.

Have you noticed how many times you’ll visit a site and start reading only for the screen to dim and little box appears asking you to ‘Like’ the brand. You’ve only been there 30 seconds.

And then there are the videos with ads in front…. so many credible, independent film-makers join the gold-rush and spoil their creations by allowing ads to be shown. And that’s on their own channels.

So ask yourself this before you decide to go with hosting third-party ads.

Do I want to dilute my content and my messages by displaying ads for someone else?

New website for Project ETaV

Project Every Town and Village (ETaV) have launched their new website using Tusler Design and WordPress.

The project’s main aim is to distribute free literature all over the UK on spiritual subjects. A glorious and noble aim if ever there was one.

The website is a complete resource base with stories, background information, book summaries and links to ebooks … and much more. The site is linked to the Project ETaV Facebook group with a feed running between the sites.

Nectar of Vraja Festival

The Nectar of Vraja Festival is run by Project ETaV and the website features a section dedicated to this esoteric wonderful event.

The new website is at

Be unique and focus on the best.

Focus on the best

In essence.

Be unique and focus on the best.

Making your website special is down to the quality not quantity of your content. If you’re able to keep your focus on the best you will notice your site performing well in searches.

Google’s algorithms no longer present ‘static’ results. The results listing may change several times a day for the same search terms. But the base principle the search is working on is looking for quality, uniqueness and how appropriate the content is to the specific search term.

Answer the question.

Beyond offering good quality you can tailor your content to answer specific questions or issues. Then Google and the other major search tools all recognise that you understand the role of your website and your content is to serve the needs of customers, consumers, users of web search engines.

Don’t follow the crowd.

‘Quick and dirty’ web publication has become an excuse for laziness.

For years the Internet industry has reflected the values of the software industry. And these values are underpinned by the computer hardware industry as well. The principle is that ‘as long as it works and it looks ok we can sell it’.

The aim of software and hardware makers for years has been to just get the products to market. Even though they wont work properly for long.

Today it is totally accepted that we buy operating systems or even small apps and they need ‘updating’ constantly. The idea that you make something that lasts is almost forgotten in the rush for new technology and enhanced lifestyles.

Be yourself, be different.

So be unique.

Give your unique voice to your text. Use your imagination to make your content interesting. And you’ll see it pay you back again and again.



Choice inspirational quotes.


The photograph above is a painting of a teasel by Kasturi Tusler.

Because inspiration feeds creativity here are a small collection of quotes that we find inspiring.

Thoughts and sayings we like to ponder upon – and laugh about – from time to time.

“Keep it simple sweetie!”

“Less is more.”
Anon – but so true

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”
Albert Einstein

“Some look on the soul as amazing, some describe him as amazing, and some hear of him as amazing, while others, even after hearing about him, cannot understand him at all.”
Sri Krishna – Bhagavad-gita

“Together everyone achieves more.”

“Get out into nature. Get immersed in her beauty and her abundance. The creative mind seems to thrive on getting surcharged by being out in the fresh air.”
Allotment wisdom

“You must do the things you think you cannot do.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

“You get what you concentrate on; your mental images bring about their own fulfillment. The illusion holds power over you when you are not able to remember that you are a powerful spirit that has taken on the physical experience for the purpose of learning.”

“Everything can be taken from a man but the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”
Viktor Frankl

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”
Carl Jung

“Always look on the bright side of life.”
Eric Idle

“The humble sage, by virtue of true knowledge, sees with equal vision a learned and gentle brāhmaṇa, a cow, an elephant, a dog and a dog-eater [out-caste].”
Sri Krishna – Bhagavad-gita

Why Wales

Lots of our clients ask us. “Why Wales?”

Why did we chose to come to base our web design company in Wales. A long way from the big cities and the big money.

The short answer is because of the quality of life, the surroundings, nature, beaches, rivers and forests; and of course the people. It’s from where we draw a lot of our inspiration.

Photo of the river at Newcastle Emlyn.

Why Wales – here’s one reason… photo of the river at Newcastle Emlyn on a late summer afternoon.

West Wales is famously beautiful.

There is lots of space in Wales as it is mostly rural and has low population levels. Only about 2.8 million people in Wales altogether and its the same size as Israel (co-incidentally).

Pembrokeshire is known by some folk as ‘Little England’. It has some of the best coastline in the world and the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path is listed number three in the best walks in the world by the ramblers.

Ceredigion is the remote ancient kingdom of King Ceredig and overlooks almost all of Cardigan Bay to the west.

Carmarthenshire is often called the ‘heart-of-Wales’ and is still one of the most Welsh of all counties.

The lovely people in Wales.

Country life goes on at a different pace to city life. There is more time because there are fewer people. So there’s never a rush and almost never a queue. Of course you can find yourself stuck behind a tractor or lorry but the roads are excellent and most drivers pull in to let cars past.

People in Wales are mostly friendly and generally good natured. We find they usually have time for a chat and laugh. Of course there’s the odd exception but you get that wherever you are.

The Welsh language.

Our experience of the Welsh language is that most people are happily bi-lingual or mainly English speaking. There are one or two who prefer to only speak the ancient Welsh language of ‘Cymraeg’ exclusively.

Everyone we’ve worked with has awareness of the two languages and it is never an issue. If required translation services are available at reasonable costs. There is no known automated translator for the Welsh language so we hire real translators as needed.

‘Why Wales’ find out more.

Find out more about why we choose to base our web design company in west Wales.

Web design prices

Quick update.

Useful for planning and budgeting.

Please contact Tusler Design for a price for your project.

All prices are worked out on an hourly basis.

Some jobs cost a few hundred pounds and some cost several thousand pounds.

We know the top-line is important but the bottom-line is just as vital to success.

As a budgeting guide plan to spend £1,000 on a WordPress or similar site. Upwards of £2,000 for an e-commerce site.

Contact us about your website.

fire and stars holidays

Holidays in Wales

New holiday website just launched.

Fire and Stars Holidays provide barns, gypsy caravans and a dairy on their eco-friendly organic farm in West Wales. They also have an old bakery in the riverside village of St Dogmaels.

fire and stars holidays

All done with a bit of glam and style they offer a genuine getaway from the madness of city life. The whole thing is run by a couple of characters with all sorts of unusual and interesting stories to share.

They happily offer groups and party bookings as well. So larger groups and extended families can book accommodation for special occasions or get togethers.

Take a look at

Land of Holistic Pets Logo

New Land of Holistic Pets Website

Land of Holistic Pets have a brand new website and online shop at

Land of Holistic Pets

Land of Holistic Pets new homepage with fully responsive design.

Created by joined up thinking

The website is a joint project with Land of Holistic Pets, Tusler Design and SCL Internet Services. Working with designer and creative Hanuman at SCL the new site was constructed from the ground-up. Completely clean coded with an emphasis on ease-of-use and quick access to information and products.

Land of Holistic Pets Logo

Land of Holistic Pets logo designed by us too 🙂

The site is fully ‘responsive’ and works on all browsers and platforms.

It includes an interactive questionnaire about pet health as well as many articles on holistic health in pets.

Using WooCommerce and WordPress

The shop is run by WooCommerce which is a fantastic tool used with WordPress to create a ‘seamless’ experience across the website.

Let us know your thoughts by email or on the Facebook page.

Update December 2014 – a version of the website is now available in Ireland with Euro prices and all Ireland delivery at

working together for shared aims in a purpose economy

Purpose economy

The ‘purpose economy’ is people and businesses working together to achieve common goals beyond simply making profits. Only heard about this recently but it is obvious isn’t it?

working together for shared aims in a purpose economy

working together for shared aims in a purpose economy

The Internet brought with it the ‘knowledge economy’. And now through mass use of communication tools like Twitter and Facebook over 1 billion people have internet access worldwide.

So knowledge has led to people recognising the inner need and the communal need for purpose in life.

Having a purpose is a powerful stabilising force in our lives.

A life without purpose is a bit like wandering round not knowing where you’re going or why. A friend recently described himself as a ‘busy fool’. The world is full of them it seems.

At Tusler Design we always strive to offer the highest quality, useful and conscious solutions we can for our clients. There is no need to compromise because often the ideal solution is also the most cost-effective.

West Wales (where we are based) is a bit of a hotbed of ‘purpose economy businesses’ because there are so many small companies here. The primary industries are agriculture and tourism so everyone is challenged to offer the best quality and best service they can. Because these are the things that bring customers back to buy again.

So you get all varieties of agricultural business and all sorts of small cottages, holiday lets, themed sites and the rest. Which makes for an interesting and enlivening combination.

Are you part of the purpose economy or just in business to make money?


customer care

Once bitten, twice shy

Buying online is easier than ever and lots of us are doing it. My experience is that its still very hit and miss.

Sometimes you order something and get sent something else. Or you want an item special delivery and it takes two weeks. You order something new and the company sends you a second-hand one. Sound familiar?

I bought a diary from a company that I’ve bought from for over 20 years. They sent me the wrong one so I mentioned it. They are sending a replacement and asked me to return the first one. So I now have to go to the post office to return it – so why bother buying online?. Anyway I crossed them off my list.

Bought a computer from a well known company (sounds like a fruit that keeps the doctor away). They sent me a used machine instead of a new one, registered to someone else. So when it broke and I took it to their shop the previous owner called the police. Two 200 mile round trips to the shop later they finally returned the machine. They are also off my list.

I’m coming to think that many online retailers don’t respect their customers (that’s you and me). Because otherwise they would be a lot more careful.

So I’ve decided to go back to my original approach to buying. And that is to buy locally or not at all.

Online retailers – don’t take your customers for granted because we’ll just move on.

customer care

Online Training

Thanks to higher-speed broadband connections we’ve been providing online training via Skype.

The advantages to the learners are they don’t have to travel to learn, saving time and cost. Also, the learners are ‘hands-on’ and able to practice new skills immediately in their own working environment.

trainingThe training subjects include:

  • using the Internet
  • using WordPress
  • updating websites and new pages
  • blogging and the different platforms
  • using social media effectively

So far this is all bespoke depending on the needs of the different client companies.

In 2015 we plan to put the training into formal courses available for roll-out to individuals and small groups.

If you’d like to know when this is ready please email us ( and we’ll put you on the list of interested people.

spirit-house- roof top

Off grid still can use a website


Recently met up with some old friends who are living off-grid in a small community in Pembrokeshire.

spirit-house- outside

Friends chatting outside after the opening ceremony.

We went on a full moon day, but in the afternoon under a clear blue sky. The whole atmosphere of the place was wonderfully natural, refreshing and clean.

Over the winter our friends had been building a round-house and we were there for the opening ceremony. It was almost over when we got there late but we still felt the warm, welcoming vibes and got to hear some of the singing – ‘we stand tall, we stand tall’ was the refrain.

It was a very inspiring and rejuvenating couple of hours spent talking with old and new friends that afternoon beneath Carn Ingli mountain. And we brought back home a sense of having experienced something very precious.

Will have to visit again and see what its like in different weather.

A few days after our visit I looked on Google to see if there was anything online about the place. Lo and behold they have a web page of their own Tir Ysbrydol (Spirit Land).

spirit-house- view of mountain

View of Carn Inlgi mountain from inside the roundhouse

Matrix and Beyond

Deep healing from Cornwall

New website for Matrix and Beyond

Matrix and Beyond

New website for Matrix and Beyond

Matrix and Beyond are a healing practice based at the Lizard in Cornwall.

They specialise in EFT (emotional freedom techniques) and Matrix re-imprinting which is a method of healing negative past trauma.

Using WordPress CMS

Their fab new website uses the WordPress content management system with the Tempera template – customised of course.

Social set up too

We also set up a Facebook page, Twitter page and YouTube channel for them featuring EFT and Matrix re-imprinting, research, meditation, healing and related resources.

See for yourself some of the amazing results achieved and the conditions treated by these powerful therapies.

Their new website is live now at

Teifi Estuary

Cardigan Bay is showing the way

Teifi Estuary

Looking along Teifi Estuary with Cardigan Island in the background

New hub of coolness

For centuries west Wales has been a place of artists, musicians, monks and poets. This is because of its peaceful atmosphere, beautiful countryside, big sky and fresh, energising air.

And now the Cardigan Bay area is becoming a hub of cool, creative people involved in dynamic communities, successful businesses and exciting enterprises.

Cool companies located here in Cardigan Bay

Cardigan Bay Company
Designers and producers of a range of products representing Cardigan Bay and reflecting the traditions of the area.

Custom House Cardigan
A traditional shop and gallery in one of Cardigan’s oldest buildings – the Custom House.
Features many local artists, craftspeople and makers.

Arts, crafts and crochet for communities – v cool and popular in the Cardigan, Emlyn area. Includes courses at the National Woolen Museum.

Do Lectures
Inspiring talks from people who are changing the world. Do Lectures are based in Cardigan.

Ethical Wares
Very cool footwear, clothing, accessories and treats for vegans and vegetarians.

Family friendly, eco-camping in west Wales. Fforest is based in the Welsh Wildlife Centre in Cilgarran.

Hiut Denim
Top-end designer jeans made in Cardigan.

Super-cool clothing company based in Cardigan.

Melin Tregwynt
Unique designs for blankets and textiles based in St Davids.

Way-past-cool clothing and gift shop in Cardigan High Street.

Swallow Boats
Swallow Boats design and build classic style day boats and yachts that have traditional lines but thoroughly modern performance.|

SCL Internet Services
Business and enterprise hosting, domain management, programming and design based in Cardigan.

Just a selection of the many groovy things in the area. If you think we’ve missed you out then email and we’ll have a look.

Compassionate trade – ethicalWARES

Tusler Design are very happy to be working with long-standing vegan company EthicalWARES. We’ve actually been working together since summer 2013.

The company is run by Mike and Denise Newman and sells vegan footwear, Fair Trade clothes and other related items.

Ethicalwares screen shot

Ethicalwares screen shot

Mike and Denise also run an animal sanctuary at their home and small-holding in west Wales. This is along with running the online company, dealing with orders, updating the website, ordering new products, marketing and all the rest that goes with running a modern online business. Oh, and they run their independent music lablel Four Dogs Music.

We take our hats off to them and thank them for having us work with them on expanding and growing their fab company.

Tusler Design work with EthicalWARES on overall strategic development, ideas and creativity, video and social media marketing.

Four Dogs Music Video

Short but sweet video Tusler Design produced for Four Dogs Music new YouTube channel at

The video features a collection of album covers shown in slideshow style. The music features a blues slide guitar soundtrack. All produced in-house by Tusler Design.

The video is just a shortie at 1m 40secs or so.

Is your site working for you?

Using analytics data for your decision making

Is your site working for you?Owners of websites can make huge improvements to the effectiveness of their sites by learning to understand their analytics user data.

Google’s own tracking tool ‘Google Analytics‘ is a fantastic piece of software that anyone can use to their advantage.

Adding Google’s Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics gives website owners and developers a broad and highly informative set of data tools.

All this data is there to help decision makers choose where to focus energy and investment to foster growth and expand reach and sales.

Since 2006 Tusler Design use Google Analytics along with Webmaster Tools to understand website users and how sites are attracting traffic from searches and keywords and phrases.

Web site designers and developers at your serviceTusler Design provide bespoke services in this regard to our clients. Services include full SEO and content creation based on keyword analysis and competitor analysis.

We provide training too

Tusler-Design’s services include training for business owners in using Google’s data tracking tools to their advantage. This includes using adwords to improve your site performance for both organic and paid searches.

Artastic Ireland new website

Artastic’s new street theatre Ireland website

Congratulations to our good friends at Artastic in Ireland for launching their brand new website at

Artastic are a street theatre and spectacle arts organisation and Tusler-Design worked with them over the last few months to get the website looking and running just right.

Artastic Ireland new website

Artastic Ireland new website

Take a look at what Artastic do and especially take a virtual tour of the galleries which tell a great story of community and artistic expression.