Mobile everything

The revolution goes on. Now users can do it all on a mobile device. This blog post is being written on a touch screen while sat at someone’s kitchen table. All new work is now tested on mobile devices before being published. It’s the new way.

Are you mobile ready? Checking stats for visitors using mobiles?

People expect it to work.

A generation or two ago it was not expected to work. But that was then. Now everyone expects their mobile device to work everywhere, for everything.

Sitting in the theatre last week we were surrounded by people on their phones. As soon as the interval began they whipped them out and started Facebooking and emailing. It was at least half the people there if not more. 

¬†This photo was taken on a mobile – few years ago now. And chances are you’re reading this on a mobile (or tablet).

So we humans have embraced mobile technology and all that comes with it. But how does it affect us? Is our dependence on technology beneficial? Is it helping us in our journey? Do we even have the vaguest idea as to why we are here? And does using all our time checking pics and posts benefit us? Will we wish we’d spent more time on Candy Crush Saga or whatever when we are on our death bed? I don’t think so.

We should be giving our customers a great experience. An easy experience and a timely experience. Meaning it shouldn’t be ‘hard’ for them to use our services and buy from us. And it should be fast and secure. All available when they want to buy/use.

Drop Pat a line to about making your website mobile friendly as well as user-friendly today.