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Compassionate trade – ethicalWARES

Tusler Design are very happy to be working with long-standing vegan company EthicalWARES. We’ve actually been working together since summer 2013.

The company is run by Mike and Denise Newman and sells vegan footwear, Fair Trade clothes and other related items.

Ethicalwares screen shot

Ethicalwares screen shot

Mike and Denise also run an animal sanctuary at their home and small-holding in west Wales. This is along with running the online company, dealing with orders, updating the website, ordering new products, marketing and all the rest that goes with running a modern online business. Oh, and they run their independent music lablel Four Dogs Music.

We take our hats off to them and thank them for having us work with them on expanding and growing their fab company.

Tusler Design work with EthicalWARES on overall strategic development, ideas and creativity, video and social media marketing.