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The Design Directory

A categorised collection of top quality websites. Used as sources of inspiration for years by Tusler Design.

Featured websites:

These sites are featured because of their special originality. And they’re successful. Many have achieved great things in the Internet world. And impacted the wider world too.

  • Featured Website Designs
    Examples of good design being applied to successful ‘brand’ websites. You will know them already.


Full Category Listing:

Here’s the full category listing in alphabetical order:


  • Automobile websites
    Automobile manufacturers spend fortunes on marketing. Many of their websites are very interesting.


Design Icons and Brands websites

  • Eco design websites
    Eco design is at the forefront of modern lifestyles. So these websites give you a good understanding and insight.



  • Film, Video and TV resources websites
    The film, video and TV world needs many resources. Artists, writers, directors, producers, cinematographers and production companies all need good quality websites.


  • Furniture design websites
    Competition is high in the furniture design world. So the websites of furniture designers and makers need to be as good as their furniture.



  • Graphic design websites
    Graphic design companies along with graphic designers tend to have great websites. Lots of good portfolio examples.


  • Interior design websites
    Interior design is a huge market in the UK. People spend vast sums of money on their homes and offices. Interior designers are challenged to really show off their work on their websites.


  • Motorcycle websites
    Motorcycling is very popular. The motorcycle company websites have to compete to show off their bikes the best they can. Some top websites in this category.


  • Musician and band websites
    Perhaps the most competitive marketplace of all is the music industry. You can see how much variety and difference there is between some of the artists by looking at these websites.


  • Photography websites
    Digital photography and the Internet mean there are now so many photographers its incredible. Everyone’s got a mobile nowadays with a camera on it. But we’re not as good as the pros. Here are some of the best photography websites.


  • University websites
    The universities in the UK are very competitive. The first place many prospective students look is the website. So these sites are constantly being improved and worked on. I’ve been watching the UK university websites since 2000. Its amazing to see how much time and effort goes into them. Well worth checking.


watch makers websites

  • Website design companies
    Web design company websites vary enormously. Some are slick, sleek affairs while others are super simple and easy. Compare and enjoy.



  • Yacht design websites
    Yachts and yachting are big business. There is loads of competition and some of these websites show how much can be achieved. Especially if the desire is there and top quality content is available.



News on Updates:

Design directory categories without listings are in the process of being researched.

Links will go ‘live’ to relevant pages when published.

Research at present includes;

  • Book publishers websites
  • New age websites
  • Religious organisations websites
  • Stationary design websites
  • Style Icon websites

Listing a website.

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