Introducing ‘Mantradance’


Creative Concept Summary

Mantradance is a friendly, loving place where people come together and dance in the company of Jagannatha – the original God of Love. Sanskrit mantras are skilfully mixed ‘live’ over house, garage and dub music. Lights and visual effects enhance and deepen the mood. Temple-grade incense provides a layer of subtle scent. Through this unique experience the audience transcend the mundane and get an insight into their higher nature – individually and collectively. Mantradance is part of the grassroots spiritual revolution of unity that’s happening now. It’s a love thing.



Love lives in the heart of Mantradance …

In a grove in the woods there’s a mystical personality waiting to see you. He’s the original smiley face. Around him the grove has its own bar, dance area and cosy clearings. Dance and groove to new and old house and trance DJs. Get your soul stirred. Enjoy live acts including Kirtaniyas and MC Yogi. All made awesome with Sanskrit ‘mantras’ in the mix to take everyone to a higher plane. Each afternoon at Mantradance come celebrate a mini ‘Festival of Colour’. Everyone gets a chance to have fun with colour dyes. At night marvel at the fab light show and psychedelic decor. All combining to deepen the special atmosphere. It’s a complete experiential dynamic. The mood of love and harmony vibrates gently throughout the grove, day and night.


Kirtaniyas Featuring MC Yogi – Festival of Colours.


Big Jagannatha in ‘Kulimela’ festival France 2012.


Who is Big Jagannatha …

The 17ft tall ‘Big Jagannatha’ originally appeared in a series of dance music events in film studios in north west London.

Big Jagannatha

And Jagannatha is …

Jagannatha literally means Lord of the Universe – jagat is universe, nath is Lord.

His unusual smiling form is described in the Vedas of India. He is actually from Orissa on India’s east coast. He lives in a large, ancient temple with his brother and sister. Each day thousands of visitors come to see them and hundreds of special food offerings are made.

Once a year there is a huge ‘Rathayatra’ festival in Orissa. Jagannatha comes out of the temple in a grand procession. Millions of people attend the festival. Nowadays these festivals take place worldwide.

Its been going like this since the start of time.

Jagannatha likes to give his mercy to everyone, that’s why he comes out. So you can’t really have a good party without him

Hosted by Regalia

Mantradance is hosted by UK creative collective ‘Regalia’.



Our People

Most of the crew involved with Regalia share the life-experience of all having Gurus. And all of us are on the path of Kirtan and Bhakti.

Joe Donovan – Jahmoon

Original ticket agent for ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Energy’ in the ’80s. Then became DJ and Promoter of ‘Faith’. Held a series of parties at Linford film studios Battersea in 1991. Founded Total Music label and record shop in Bethnal Green. And also founded Soapbar records.

Pat Tusler – Parama

Bassist and sound-engineer in rock band ‘Wazz’ in ’80s. Followed the spiritual path and joined Krishna community in London ’89. Producer of lots of events. Oganiser of London Rathayatra festival since 1992. Co-founder of Where’s My Hair Productions in Portsmouth.

Matt Ionides – Maddas

Artist involved with prop design with Regalia and other festivals. Street-artist and general handyman.


Songwriter, musician and artist.

And many more wonderful souls …