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Once bitten, twice shy

Buying online is easier than ever and lots of us are doing it. My experience is that its still very hit and miss.

Sometimes you order something and get sent something else. Or you want an item special delivery and it takes two weeks. You order something new and the company sends you a second-hand one. Sound familiar?

I bought a diary from a company that I’ve bought from for over 20 years. They sent me the wrong one so I mentioned it. They are sending a replacement and asked me to return the first one. So I now have to go to the post office to return it – so why bother buying online?. Anyway I crossed them off my list.

Bought a computer from a well known company (sounds like a fruit that keeps the doctor away). They sent me a used machine instead of a new one, registered to someone else. So when it broke and I took it to their shop the previous owner called the police. Two 200 mile round trips to the shop later they finally returned the machine. They are also off my list.

I’m coming to think that many online retailers don’t respect their customers (that’s you and me). Because otherwise they would be a lot more careful.

So I’ve decided to go back to my original approach to buying. And that is to buy locally or not at all.

Online retailers – don’t take your customers for granted because we’ll just move on.

customer care