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Be unique and focus on the best.

Focus on the best

In essence.

Be unique and focus on the best.

Making your website special is down to the quality not quantity of your content. If you’re able to keep your focus on the best you will notice your site performing well in searches.

Google’s algorithms no longer present ‘static’ results. The results listing may change several times a day for the same search terms. But the base principle the search is working on is looking for quality, uniqueness and how appropriate the content is to the specific search term.

Answer the question.

Beyond offering good quality you can tailor your content to answer specific questions or issues. Then Google and the other major search tools all recognise that you understand the role of your website and your content is to serve the needs of customers, consumers, users of web search engines.

Don’t follow the crowd.

‘Quick and dirty’ web publication has become an excuse for laziness.

For years the Internet industry has reflected the values of the software industry. And these values are underpinned by the computer hardware industry as well. The principle is that ‘as long as it works and it looks ok we can sell it’.

The aim of software and hardware makers for years has been to just get the products to market. Even though they wont work properly for long.

Today it is totally accepted that we buy operating systems or even small apps and they need ‘updating’ constantly. The idea that you make something that lasts is almost forgotten in the rush for new technology and enhanced lifestyles.

Be yourself, be different.

So be unique.

Give your unique voice to your text. Use your imagination to make your content interesting. And you’ll see it pay you back again and again.