There is a new zen of search engine optimisation

The new zen of search engine optimisation

There is a new zen of search engine optimisation

Things have changed for good. For the last 15 years or so there have been all sorts of tricks and dubious means of achieving decent results in search engine pages.

Now this has changed – the playing field is much more even.

There is a new zen of search engine optimisation…

it is simply, ‘quality’.

Web Content

Your site should be practically overflowing with good quality content.

Quality is paramount.

Meaning – if you can create interesting, unique, relevant content about your chosen subject – your pages will appear high in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

All the algorithms of the search companies have been updated to seek out ‘fresh, relevant, unique and interesting’ content.

So all website owners and creators can now focus on quality. Without feeling any need to compromise and use negative or dis-honest tactics in their web marketing.

The focus on quality can be spread throughout websites, social media, newsletters, videos and all publications.

This presents business owners and individuals with a fantastic opportunity to make a mark on the world wide web. And they make their mark by being individual and unique in content along with applying the right general principles for online success.

Tell your story.

So search engine optimisation has become much more accessible to all of us – because all of us have a story to tell about our products and our experiences. Each story is unique because we are all unique.

Audiences love stories and have done so since time began. So learn to tell the story of your products and of your business and help your customers to connect their story with yours. Think through their needs and their questions. Then create content that addresses these questions. Make it easy to use and access.

Reward your visitors and customers with timely news and updates.

Relationships are what build long-term trust. So as business owners its up to us to connect with our audience and help them negotiate the daunting world of online marketing.

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