What we do - unique original websites

Website in a nutshell

Creating your new website in a nutshell.

Tusler Design work with you to;

1. Make a plan

Website design examples by Tusler DesignWe’ll happily help you with this but it comes from what you want to achieve and how, for who and when.

2. Buy the domain names

We’ve lots of experience to help you choose effective, appropriate domain names for your business. And we can help you buy the domains you want as well.

3. Set up the web-space and install WordPress

We take care of WordPress installation for most of our clients.

4. Design and configuration

We design and configure websites for clients large, medium and small.

5. Populate with content

If you already have content we can help get it ready for publication online. And/or we can produce content for you.

6. Create mailing lists and social media profiles

The other side of internet marketing is to create your mailing lists and social profiles. We do this for clients and help get it up and running.

7. Roll out site publication and celebrate

Once the site is ready it goes ‘live’ and we then proceed to number 8…

8. Review using analytics, inquiries and sales figures

Web site visitor data is rich nowadays and makes for great review material. Useful sales information helps with developing new products and decision making about how to grow overall.