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Is your site working for you?

Using analytics data for your decision making

Is your site working for you?Owners of websites can make huge improvements to the effectiveness of their sites by learning to understand their analytics user data.

Google’s own tracking tool ‘Google Analytics‘ is a fantastic piece of software that anyone can use to their advantage.

Adding Google’s Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics gives website owners and developers a broad and highly informative set of data tools.

All this data is there to help decision makers choose where to focus energy and investment to foster growth and expand reach and sales.

Since 2006 Tusler Design use Google Analytics along with Webmaster Tools to understand website users and how sites are attracting traffic from searches and keywords and phrases.

Web site designers and developers at your serviceTusler Design provide bespoke services in this regard to our clients. Services include full SEO and content creation based on keyword analysis and competitor analysis.

We provide training too

Tusler-Design’s services include training for business owners in using Google’s data tracking tools to their advantage. This includes using adwords to improve your site performance for both organic and paid searches.


Keywords and phrases are important in improving search engine listings

Keywords and phrases are important in improving search engine listings

Successful websites usually have carefully thought through the key words and phrases that are important to their visitors.

Creating content to attract traffic (visitors) to websites and specific products can only be targeted through being relevant.

Keywords and phrases can be analysed in relation to worldwide and local searches.

Then content can be created to inform each subject, interlinking (via hyperlinks of course) to related pages within the website.

Thus improving natural search engine listings for our clients’ websites.

Basically it’s more targeted visitors, looking at webpages they are interested in, leading to more interaction and more sales.