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Land of Holistic Pets Logo

New Land of Holistic Pets Website

Land of Holistic Pets have a brand new website and online shop at

Land of Holistic Pets

Land of Holistic Pets new homepage with fully responsive design.

Created by joined up thinking

The website is a joint project with Land of Holistic Pets, Tusler Design and SCL Internet Services. Working with designer and creative Hanuman at SCL the new site was constructed from the ground-up. Completely clean coded with an emphasis on ease-of-use and quick access to information and products.

Land of Holistic Pets Logo

Land of Holistic Pets logo designed by us too 🙂

The site is fully ‘responsive’ and works on all browsers and platforms.

It includes an interactive questionnaire about pet health as well as many articles on holistic health in pets.

Using WooCommerce and WordPress

The shop is run by WooCommerce which is a fantastic tool used with WordPress to create a ‘seamless’ experience across the website.

Let us know your thoughts by email or on the Facebook page.

Update December 2014 – a version of the website is now available in Ireland with Euro prices and all Ireland delivery at

Compassionate trade – ethicalWARES

Tusler Design are very happy to be working with long-standing vegan company EthicalWARES. We’ve actually been working together since summer 2013.

The company is run by Mike and Denise Newman and sells vegan footwear, Fair Trade clothes and other related items.

Ethicalwares screen shot

Ethicalwares screen shot

Mike and Denise also run an animal sanctuary at their home and small-holding in west Wales. This is along with running the online company, dealing with orders, updating the website, ordering new products, marketing and all the rest that goes with running a modern online business. Oh, and they run their independent music lablel Four Dogs Music.

We take our hats off to them and thank them for having us work with them on expanding and growing their fab company.

Tusler Design work with EthicalWARES on overall strategic development, ideas and creativity, video and social media marketing.

Is your site working for you?

Using analytics data for your decision making

Is your site working for you?Owners of websites can make huge improvements to the effectiveness of their sites by learning to understand their analytics user data.

Google’s own tracking tool ‘Google Analytics‘ is a fantastic piece of software that anyone can use to their advantage.

Adding Google’s Webmaster Tools to Google Analytics gives website owners and developers a broad and highly informative set of data tools.

All this data is there to help decision makers choose where to focus energy and investment to foster growth and expand reach and sales.

Since 2006 Tusler Design use Google Analytics along with Webmaster Tools to understand website users and how sites are attracting traffic from searches and keywords and phrases.

Web site designers and developers at your serviceTusler Design provide bespoke services in this regard to our clients. Services include full SEO and content creation based on keyword analysis and competitor analysis.

We provide training too

Tusler-Design’s services include training for business owners in using Google’s data tracking tools to their advantage. This includes using adwords to improve your site performance for both organic and paid searches.

Huwbryn homepage screenshot

Natural animal bedding from Wales

Animal bedding experts ‘Huwbryn’ recently commissioned a complete overhaul and revamp of their website at

Huwbryn homepage screenshot

Huwbryn homepage screenshot

Huwbryn supply a variety of premium animal bedding products, all grown on their family run farm in west Wales. Was a pleasure to work with them to develop the new site and animal bedding shop.

Fresh Mundos

Mundos supply gifts for discerning customers

Mundos (the high-street shop in Cardigan) has refreshed and re-launched their cool shopping site at The store uses Magento ecommerce system.

The web site is hooked up to their EPOS system from the main shop using Talgara. So customers can buy anything they like in the online shop and know it’s available in stock – in real-time.

It’s a great example of a high-street shop making use of the Internet.

7 Top Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing

Social media sites have become the main buzz in the online world.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and others have all made the Internet more relevant and connected than ever before.

As of the time of writing this article Facebook has 800 million users, 30 million in the UK.

Twitter logo

Top tips to get it all working for you

As web site owners we want to promote our business, organisation, cause or local group to others and these are some sure-fire methods we can use on social media sites to get our message across effectively.

Tip 1 – Spread the word

Spread the word using informal networks of real people. Sometimes referred to as viral marketing. Use your Facebook and Twitter page to let your friends, followers and subscribers what the latest buzz is in your world. Fresh information is a vital part of a successful web presence.

Tip 2 – Link up your social pages

Link your Facebook, Twitter and websites together using widgets so that your messages are consistent across your family of pages. Make sure your social media profiles link to your main website and your other media pages and blogs

Tip 3 – Keep it friendly

Make the most of your friends and subscribers liking you or your brand by using social media to be friendly in return. Give messages that are useful and add to your subject and profile. Peter Kay, the funny UK entertainer has a great approach on his Facebook page. He just tells you if he’s got a gig on or at Christmas he might give one funny line i.e. “I see DFS have got a sale on Boxing Day”.

Tip 4 – Post up-to-date items

Post up to date news using Facebook and Twitter to encourage viral sharing by followers through their likes and shares, thus exposing your message to your friends friends and contacts.

Tip 5 – Choose your name carefully

Get your vanity URL at Facebook and Twitter by carefully choosing a name or phrase you want to promote online. For example Tusler Design has the URLs and

Tip 6 – Promote your brands with their own pages

If you’re involved in ecommerce consider setting up specific Facebook pages for your brands, sub-brands and categories. This allows your customers to be specific about what they particularly like about you, thus promoting particular aspects of your business to their friends.

Tip 7 – Reward your friends

We all like to receive gifts from time to time so try to think of rewards for your friends and subscribers – this could be special offers or the ability to pre-order items or access to limited editions etc.

And remember – using social media in a responsible way enhances your website’s credibility with the search engines as an up to date and fresh source of information.

Philip Ling

Philip Ling Estates website update

Philip Ling Estates

Philip Ling Estates updated site.

Newcastle Emlyn estate agents Philip Ling Estates recently commissioned a complete overhaul and upgrade to their property web site at

The web site features complete listings of their west Wales property database, showing only those properties currently available to purchase and to rent. Both commercial and private.

Users can search and review all the properties listed and can register and get email updates of new properties or changes to existing ones.

At its core the site uses property management software called ‘Open Realty‘ to control all its primary functions. The developers released a new version (number 3) which was completely customised by ourselves and our colleagues at SCL Internet Services in Cardigan.

The system is now fully editable by Philip Ling Estates in-house staff and is linked to where properties are simultaneously listed.

Marketing Your Website

There are several ways that you can market your website to the world at large.

A key marketing element is Search Engine Marketing which we’ll look at in more detail in the next article.

Use Your Analytics Data

It is important to remember that researching and monitoring your visitors and visitor statistics is essential in helping understand which of your marketing messages are working and which are not.

Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are notable online services where you can market your business, website, products and services.

Television and Radio

National and regional television and radio are arguably the most invasive and persuasive advertising tools available today. Although the BBC don’t carry adverts, ITV and Channel 4 and Channel 5 do. As do other channels of course.

Large promotional or e-commerce sites are sometimes advertised on television and radio in an effort to attract high volumes of visitors. Television marketing in particular has a significant cost implication.

Secondary routes to obtaining radio and television coverage are available through vehicles like talk shows, breakfast TV, cable and the news networks.


Celebrity endorsement can be a real catalyst to bringing awareness and coverage to your site. Of course obtaining the endorsement may require a major effort but it is often worth considering as part of a thorough marketing campaign.

Newspapers and Magazines

National printed media newspapers and magazines are potentially excellent methods of reaching target markets and can also provide exposure through feature articles and timely letters and comments to the editors.

As with television, advertisements in national media can be costly and need to be properly rationalised towards achieving an appropriate return on investment.

Local media newspapers and magazines are like their national brothers and sisters in providing excellent, targeted advertising and exposure of their readers to your messages.

Posters and Leaflets

Poster campaigns can have varying levels of impact. They are useful when carrying out national campaigns to reinforce messages that are appearing on television, in the media, or even through direct marketing of some kind.

Localised poster campaigns can have impact especially when their message is simple and easily remembered.

Door to door marketing using leaflets and flyers can be remarkably effective particularly if the message is very simple and there is some reward for the person who responds to the advert. For example this reward could be a special offer code that entitles them to a discount if they buy online.

An advantage of a flyer or brochure is that people can keep them as a physical reminder of your message.

Direct Mail and Telephone

Direct marketing using printed mail can be another key element in communicating your message although this method is best utilised in a targeted manner because of the potential large cost implication. For example, one million targeted letters at a cost of 33 pence per mailing amounts to a large bill (£330k). Investors using this method need to ensure there is a realistic likely return on investment.

Direct marketing using telephone can be effective but in the UK is not popular with many people and can have a negative impact on a marketing campaign.

Email Marketing

Direct marketing using email is another powerful tool but has been misused in the past and spam resulted.

The most effective method usual nowadays is to use ‘opt-in’ mailing list management tools where people give their name and email address and permission to send them emails.

Newsletters and Forums

Website Newsletter – this is an excellent way of regularly updating your visitors with relevant and interesting information. They register their email with you so you know they are interested in what you have to say.

Website communities and user forums – depending on the nature of your site a forum or notice board can be an amazing generator of repeat visits and lateral marketing leads. Giving your visitors and customers a chance to express their views can be a powerful tool.


Affiliate Marketing – this has two main categories;
1. Joining as an affiliate
2. Running your own affiliate program

Joining an existing affiliate programmed can give you the opportunity to link your site with many other commercial sites that offer related products and services.

When a user clicks through from your site you sometimes get a small commission. More often when a user from your site clicks through and makes a purchase or becomes a member then you get paid a commission.

Running an affiliate marketing programmed is no small task and may require employing one of the larger affiliate marketing companies like TradeDoubler to manage your affiliate marketing function on your behalf.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth networking is as relevant to the Internet as in any walk of life. There is no substitute for a site that is recommended by a friend or colleague.

This principle can be used favourably by asking friends and loved ones to tell all their friends about your new site!


Hold an event to launch your site and then host other events throughout the year to promote your website messages.

Tablets still not used for buying online

Apple ipad

Apple's iconic iPad

Jakob Nielson, renouned web usability expert notes on his website that users of Apple’s iPad put it down when they want to buy something online.

They use their desktop to carry out e-commerce transactions after researching on their iPad.

Another note of interest is that owners of iPads invariably share them with family members (unless they live alone of course).

Apparently many people surveyed said they’d found apps on their iPad that they didn’t know where there and must have been added by a friend or family member.

Main uses of iPad reported by Nielson:

  • Playing games
  • Checking email
  • Social networking sites
  • Watching videos/movies
  • Reading news
  • Browsing the Internet
  • Some shopping-related research

Read the full article at

Monetising your website


Or – how can I make money from my website?

Could this be the most often asked question?

The simple answer to the question of how to make money through your website is – there are lots of ways.

A few proven methods include;

  • Selling items
  • Selling knowledge
  • Selling support / guidance / instruction
  • Displaying paid adverts
  • Displaying pay-per-click ads
  • Affiliate systems
  • Collecting donations

How you make your site pay is the next question.

Success in this involves understanding your visitors and what they are looking for on your website.

You can benefit from knowing how many visitors you have and what pages they are looking at. Also what search terms are they using to find your website.

Ask yourself some questions. “Is the site communicating with the right target audience? Is it giving the responses I’m looking for? Am I getting the number of sales I need to make a profit?”

If you’re unsure about what you could do to monetise your website have a look at some of these sites for ideas:

EBay – sell things and make money.

Amazon – more than just books. You can affiliate in several ways.

Google adsense – display Google ads on your site to earn revenue.

Chitika – display user targeted ads.


Quick tip:

When people put the term ‘buy’ or ‘shop’ into a search engine they are usually ready to part with their hard earned cash.

So for example; If you sell hand made furniture you might put on your homepage a phrase like. “Buy hand made furniture from our online shop today.” You may also put in the page title. “Hand Made Furniture Shop – Buy Online Today”.

E-commerce is easier

For us almost no new sites are stand alone any more.

Site owners are becoming more aware about the value and potential of adding an online store and payment facility to their sites.

Web users are much more inclined to buy online than five or ten years ago. Still there are many who don’t but those who do are much more likely to do it again having done it once.

This is possibly why so many online stores offer huge value, discounts, free delivery and other rewards to new customers. Simply to create the initial interaction and purchase enabling on-going follow up by the vendor via email.

When you buy online you are agreeing to the company contacting you again… generally.