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SCL Internet Services homepage

SCL Internet launch updated website

Congratulations to friends and colleagues at SCL Internet Services. They just launched their newly updated website.

And its sleek, streamlined and super-fast. Even though they describe it as an ongoing project its great to see the new site live.

SCL Internet launch updated website

Experience and flair to get the job done.

SCL are experienced web and software development pros. Their team combine a wealth of skills and experience. They are free from airs-and-graces and practice the ‘Agile’ approach to development, project management and the business as a whole. So there’s no wastage.

A client recently told me about SCL.

“Everyone else I asked failed but SCL succeeded. That’s big companies and agencies that couldn’t do the job. But SCL achieved what I wanted.”

And he wasn’t the first person I’ve heard say it.

Tusler Design have worked with SCL since 2005 on many projects; large, medium and small. Always happy to recommend them.

Check out the new website at

Skin type guide

Conscious Skincare new website

Exciting and dynamic UK company ‘Conscious Skincare’ recently launched their newly updated website.

Conscious Skincare new website

Working with Dan and Govi at SCL Internet in Cardigan the project was to take the original website and re-create it in WordPress and Woocommerce. And a fine job it is too.

The entire Conscious Skincare range of products are organic and animal friendly.

The products are made in the UK, mostly in Wales. And mostly from fresh ingredients too. Which makes for a very special combination.

The new website involved a whole team of people working together to produce a really good quality piece of work.

The Conscious Skincare new website is particularly interesting when you hear Rebecca and Quentin’s story. All about how they came to be making organic skin care products.

Skin type guide

Conscious Skincare are thoughtful to give users a skin type guide.

It’s been a privilege to work with them on developing the updated site. Now mobile-friendly, user-friendly, search-engine friendly and rather splendid.

Take a look and see if you can resist trying some body butter or bath soak.

The beautiful website is at

iskcon 5050 campaign

Fifty books for fifty years campaign

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness celebrates 50 years of incorporation in 2016.

The ISKCON 5050 Campaign is an initiative to encourage and support all members of the society to give out fifty books during the year.

These are not just any books but books filled with transcendental knowledge from the Sanskrit Vedas of ancient India.

iskcon 5050 campaign

It was a pleasure to work with the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust and the International Society for Krishna Consciousness on developing the website and Facebook page for the campaign.

The website includes a password protected resource area for temples and communities worldwide to download. Resources include certificates and print artwork.

Check out the website at

Dylan Thomas Cranes new website

Dylan Thomas Cranes new website

Dylan Thomas Cranes, Plant and Machinery Hire have a new website.

Dylan Thomas Cranes new website

Tusler Design worked with the team at Dylan Thomas Cranes to create their new marketing profile and website. It’s a business/corporate style website created using WordPress and a customised version of the iMax theme.

Crane and plant hire is a varied and interesting industry. DT Cranes get asked to work on wide range of projects. Creating solutions for complex challenging lifts mean that Dylan and his guys are experts in a unusual and highly-specialised field.

The new website is at

Tusler Design really enjoyed working with the team at Dylan Thomas Cranes and achieving a great result together.

New website for Project ETaV

Project Every Town and Village (ETaV) have launched their new website using Tusler Design and WordPress.

The project’s main aim is to distribute free literature all over the UK on spiritual subjects. A glorious and noble aim if ever there was one.

The website is a complete resource base with stories, background information, book summaries and links to ebooks … and much more. The site is linked to the Project ETaV Facebook group with a feed running between the sites.

Nectar of Vraja Festival

The Nectar of Vraja Festival is run by Project ETaV and the website features a section dedicated to this esoteric wonderful event.

The new website is at

Land of Holistic Pets Logo

New Land of Holistic Pets Website

Land of Holistic Pets have a brand new website and online shop at

Land of Holistic Pets

Land of Holistic Pets new homepage with fully responsive design.

Created by joined up thinking

The website is a joint project with Land of Holistic Pets, Tusler Design and SCL Internet Services. Working with designer and creative Hanuman at SCL the new site was constructed from the ground-up. Completely clean coded with an emphasis on ease-of-use and quick access to information and products.

Land of Holistic Pets Logo

Land of Holistic Pets logo designed by us too 🙂

The site is fully ‘responsive’ and works on all browsers and platforms.

It includes an interactive questionnaire about pet health as well as many articles on holistic health in pets.

Using WooCommerce and WordPress

The shop is run by WooCommerce which is a fantastic tool used with WordPress to create a ‘seamless’ experience across the website.

Let us know your thoughts by email or on the Facebook page.

Update December 2014 – a version of the website is now available in Ireland with Euro prices and all Ireland delivery at

Matrix and Beyond

Deep healing from Cornwall

New website for Matrix and Beyond

Matrix and Beyond

New website for Matrix and Beyond

Matrix and Beyond are a healing practice based at the Lizard in Cornwall.

They specialise in EFT (emotional freedom techniques) and Matrix re-imprinting which is a method of healing negative past trauma.

Using WordPress CMS

Their fab new website uses the WordPress content management system with the Tempera template – customised of course.

Social set up too

We also set up a Facebook page, Twitter page and YouTube channel for them featuring EFT and Matrix re-imprinting, research, meditation, healing and related resources.

See for yourself some of the amazing results achieved and the conditions treated by these powerful therapies.

Their new website is live now at

Artastic Ireland new website

Artastic’s new street theatre Ireland website

Congratulations to our good friends at Artastic in Ireland for launching their brand new website at

Artastic are a street theatre and spectacle arts organisation and Tusler-Design worked with them over the last few months to get the website looking and running just right.

Artastic Ireland new website

Artastic Ireland new website

Take a look at what Artastic do and especially take a virtual tour of the galleries which tell a great story of community and artistic expression.


Shapez new website

South Wales based ‘Shapez’ can make anything using polystyrene and Styrofoam.

They use a clever hot-wire cutting machine linked up to a computer design system. Then they put beautiful stone, wood, painted or marble effect on. All rather amazing.

Tusler Design worked alongside the team at Shapez to develop the brand identity and new website. More to come in the next few months on this.

See their new website at (link opens in new window).


orissa designs

WordPress Website Examples

The wonders of WordPress as a CMS (content management system) website development tool.

Tusler Design use WordPress a lot. Its become one of the most useful pieces of software used in Internet development.

WordPress is so versatile it can be used for almost any type of website. It has a worldwide group of developers who make it and keep it secure.

Tusler Design recommend most new websites and website re-vamps to use WordPress if they’re not already using it.

Example WordPress Websites

Some examples of websites designed and developed by Tusler Design working with WordPress.


Orissa Designs

orissa designsOrissa Designs is owned and run by artist Tracey Jenkins. She specialises in producing art and shabby chic furniture.

The website uses WordPress and is linked to a PayPal account for  accepting payments for online orders. Tracey updates the site herself adding new items as her catologue grows.

Camping at Mwnt

Camping at MwntTy Gwyn Farm and Caravan Park (on the cliffs above Mwnt in Ceredigion) wanted a new website and commissioned Tusler Design.

The website gives an instant feel for the unique and wonderful location of the site. To improve the search engine recognition of the website ‘’ was chosen as the domain name. Site includes a blog and is linked to the Facebook page for Ty Gwyn.


CompletenessCompleteness is the online home of Kasturi Tusler, creative artist and crochet teacher.

The website features her crochet patterns, video crochet tutorials, a blog, downloadable recipes for home cooking (including one for homemade deodorant!). This site is also linked to Completeness’ Facebook page.

Custom House Cardigan

Custom House CardiganCustom House Cardigan is owned and run by creative designer and artist Karina Servini. The Custom House is one of Cardigan’s oldest buildings and has an atmosphere all of it’s own. It now houses a gallery and shop where over 300 local artists and craftspeople have their work on display and available to buy.

The website uses WordPress alongside an e-commerce shop using Magento E-commerce System. The whole thing is integrated within the main website.

Cardigan Bay Company

Cardigan Bay CompanyThe Cardigan Bay Company wanted a super simple site that could show some of their great designs and artwork that was also ready for them to build upon.

This is a fine example of using custom graphics with WordPress to create an instant impression upon the visitor.


Huwbryn homepage screenshotHuwBryn is owned and run by Huw Jones of Bryn Farm near Cardigan in west Wales. HuwBryn produces specialised natural animal bedding for a whole range of pets and animals.

Visitors to the website can order varieties of combinations of natural meadow hay, straw and chippings for practically any animal kept domestically. Visitors can purchase products using PayPal.

JR Fabrications

JR FabricationsJR Fabrications is owned and run by Jason Rice and are a welding and fabrication company based in Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire.

The website uses WordPress and features many examples and testimonials from clients of Jason’s. He updates and adds things to the website himself with the occasion bit of tech support from us.

Get your new website built in WordPress and enjoy the benefits of creating and publishing your own content whenever you like…

WordPress Promotion

Contact us now to get your WordPress website rolling.

wordpress logo

CMS like WordPress is best value

It might sound like a bold statement but using a content management system to run your business website is actually about the best value you can get.

Many clients (and clients of our friends who are web designers) say that the cost of updating, adding and improving their websites went down when they switched to using a CMS like WordPress.

The simple explanation for this is that once you’ve understood how to use WordPress’s publishing tools you no longer need to pay for all your changes and updates.

WordPress is very easy to grasp

Within one hour most clients are comfortable creating and editing new pages and new posts, adding links and images or whatever they need quickly and without needing to attend a long-winded training course.

Even use your smartphone to update

You can use your smart phone or tablet to add pages and posts. Upload images straight from your device, tag and publish them to your blog or news pages.

wordpress logo

WordPress is a very easy to learn and use tool for your content management system.

Hi-end web publishing for us all

We all benefit from access to high-quality web publishing tools nowadays without finding enormous budgets to run it all as in the past.

The Internet and accessible technology has given us the opportunity to present ourselves as we like to be seen.

So, if you have a mission to accomplish, a purpose, aim, target, goals, intention, idea, message or whatever; the Internet is the place to present it.

Use Facebook and Twitter to deepen connections with audiences

Inter-linking your website with your Facebook and Twitter pages gives your visitors and customers a ‘seamless’ experience and connection with you. So your dialogue can continue with your online followers and friends all the time – even when you’re asleep in bed.

Tusler Design can help you with your CMS

Tusler Design create websites using WordPress (and other systems) regularly and can help you set it all up and configure it correctly. Tusler Design also give you training and support in using WordPress and getting the most out of your system.

And use Google Analytics to see what is working

Tusler Design can help you use and understand Google’s great analytics system to improve your website’s performance and conversion rates.

Why not see for yourself?

Please ask about WordPress via the contact page.

And, if you already have a WordPress site and would just like some help, then please also ask via the contact page.

Huwbryn homepage screenshot

Natural animal bedding from Wales

Animal bedding experts ‘Huwbryn’ recently commissioned a complete overhaul and revamp of their website at

Huwbryn homepage screenshot

Huwbryn homepage screenshot

Huwbryn supply a variety of premium animal bedding products, all grown on their family run farm in west Wales. Was a pleasure to work with them to develop the new site and animal bedding shop.

orissa designs

Orissa Designs – site is live

Orissa Designs specialise in hand crafted, up-cycled, shabby chic furniture and Hindy deity reliefs.

Orissa Designs also sell high quality, ‘temple-grade’ incense.

Their new shiny website is live now from today so well done to them for getting it there. All done with WordPress and PayPal.

Then there is the Facebook and Twitter – but you can spot those for yourself of course.

Orissa Designs’ website is at

orissa designs


Rathayatra UK site updated

Tusler Design recently spent some time updating the Rathayatra UK website at

The site now uses the popular WordPress ( content management system. It has all the latest information on the London festival and also lists UK and European Rathayatra festivals.

Visitors can sign up for the mailing list and also follow festival news and updates via RSS or Facebook.