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Skin type guide

Conscious Skincare new website

Exciting and dynamic UK company ‘Conscious Skincare’ recently launched their newly updated website.

Conscious Skincare new website

Working with Dan and Govi at SCL Internet in Cardigan the project was to take the original website and re-create it in WordPress and Woocommerce. And a fine job it is too.

The entire Conscious Skincare range of products are organic and animal friendly.

The products are made in the UK, mostly in Wales. And mostly from fresh ingredients too. Which makes for a very special combination.

The new website involved a whole team of people working together to produce a really good quality piece of work.

The Conscious Skincare new website is particularly interesting when you hear Rebecca and Quentin’s story. All about how they came to be making organic skin care products.

Skin type guide

Conscious Skincare are thoughtful to give users a skin type guide.

It’s been a privilege to work with them on developing the updated site. Now mobile-friendly, user-friendly, search-engine friendly and rather splendid.

Take a look and see if you can resist trying some body butter or bath soak.

The beautiful website is at