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meta descriptions do matter

Meta descriptions have a special role

It might be more appropriate to say; do meta descriptions have a role?

And yes indeed they do.

meta descriptions do matter

Meta descriptions serve a primary purpose.

Put simply, meta descriptions are there to generate ‘click-throughs’ to websites from search engines. In your case; click-throughs to your website.

So your carefully crafted meta description is your chance to persuade the Google user to click on your link.

The user is given a page of search results as a response to their query. The results comprise adverts, Google’s own content relevant to the search and a listing of ‘organic’ results.

Every single link on the search results page is competing for the ‘click’.

Your link needs to stand out.

In among all the listings yours has to connect with the potential visitor.  When this single, elusive person reads your meta description do they then say to themselves. “I think I’ve found what I’m looking for. This looks promising.”

If the answer is yes then you’re on the right lines.

meta descriptions example

It’s worth investing the extra effort.

So you made lots of effort to make your brilliant web pages. All with great content; well written copy, excellent images etc. Or maybe its your e-commerce website with your products listed on show 24 hours a day. You now need to make each page shine in summary.

Meta descriptions in brief.

Meta descriptions need to be clear, clean, to the point.

Each web page or post needs a unique description.

Its a brief summary, including the page title, of the content on the page. It is exactly what it’s called; a ‘meta’ or ‘brief’ or ‘summary’ description.

Meta descriptions need not include every single point or piece of information but they give the potential user an overview.

Above all; they need to be compelling!

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Answer the question

Answer the question

Answer the question

People use the Internet to answer questions. Right?

The searches they make are always looking for answers. Looking for solutions. Ways of solving issues, problems, challenges, dilemmas and the rest.

So create your content to answer their questions.

Universal opportunities to get to the top.

The opportunity for website owners lies in thinking about the questions people ask, and creating answers.

So if your content is the best answer for a specific question, you should expect it to be at the top of Google’s search results right?

You may have noticed the huge amount of competition on Google. Sometimes millions of pages are shown as having the ‘answer’ to any particular search query.

Become the authority.

If you can make your page the ‘authority’ on the matter at hand, you really can compete on the front page. Your humble offering can be there right along with the big publishers pages.

You just have to stick to your principles and talk about what you know. From your point of view. Especially if you have a unique viewpoint, a deep personal experience or just are able to relax and communicate in simple terms.

Keep it personal.

The audience you are talking to is almost always an individual person. On their own in front of their computer. Or iPad or phone…

You are having a conversation. Where they are the listener. So try to avoid droning on. No one likes long-winded text.

Make cornerstone or foundation pages.

Create ‘cornerstone’ pages of content on your website about key words, terms and phrases that are relevant to the subject of your website.

Make sure these cornerstone pages are rich with decent content.

Then create sub-pages of additional informative content around each cornerstone page. This way you can add content and value to your website in a structured and ‘rational’ way.

Of course there is room for ‘random’ posts. But on the whole you want to stick to your subject because that is where you will become an authority.

Let time work for you.

Be patient because it can take some time to become recognised as someone to go to for answers.

But if you keep adding and keep thinking about your visitors and what they are looking for, eventually you will see your traffic increase and your sales, inquiries and newsletter sign-ups increase.

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Compassionate trade – ethicalWARES

Tusler Design are very happy to be working with long-standing vegan company EthicalWARES. We’ve actually been working together since summer 2013.

The company is run by Mike and Denise Newman and sells vegan footwear, Fair Trade clothes and other related items.

Ethicalwares screen shot

Ethicalwares screen shot

Mike and Denise also run an animal sanctuary at their home and small-holding in west Wales. This is along with running the online company, dealing with orders, updating the website, ordering new products, marketing and all the rest that goes with running a modern online business. Oh, and they run their independent music lablel Four Dogs Music.

We take our hats off to them and thank them for having us work with them on expanding and growing their fab company.

Tusler Design work with EthicalWARES on overall strategic development, ideas and creativity, video and social media marketing.