meta descriptions do matter

Meta descriptions have a special role

It might be more appropriate to say; do meta descriptions have a role?

And yes indeed they do.

meta descriptions do matter

Meta descriptions serve a primary purpose.

Put simply, meta descriptions are there to generate ‘click-throughs’ to websites from search engines. In your case; click-throughs to your website.

So your carefully crafted meta description is your chance to persuade the Google user to click on your link.

The user is given a page of search results as a response to their query. The results comprise adverts, Google’s own content relevant to the search and a listing of ‘organic’ results.

Every single link on the search results page is competing for the ‘click’.

Your link needs to stand out.

In among all the listings yours has to connect with the potential visitor.  When this single, elusive person reads your meta description do they then say to themselves. “I think I’ve found what I’m looking for. This looks promising.”

If the answer is yes then you’re on the right lines.

meta descriptions example

It’s worth investing the extra effort.

So you made lots of effort to make your brilliant web pages. All with great content; well written copy, excellent images etc. Or maybe its your e-commerce website with your products listed on show 24 hours a day. You now need to make each page shine in summary.

Meta descriptions in brief.

Meta descriptions need to be clear, clean, to the point.

Each web page or post needs a unique description.

Its a brief summary, including the page title, of the content on the page. It is exactly what it’s called; a ‘meta’ or ‘brief’ or ‘summary’ description.

Meta descriptions need not include every single point or piece of information but they give the potential user an overview.

Above all; they need to be compelling!

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