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SEO in 2016

SEO in 2016

SEO is dead – I was informed of this in a meeting last week. It was relayed from an online marketing training course. Social media is the new recommended alternative approach to obtaining web traffic.

Just hearing the phrase ‘SEO is dead’ raised a smile I admit.

SEO in 2016

Because SEO in 2016 is highly evolved.

If you publish using WordPress, Drupal or other popular CMS systems you have access to excellent tools to help you. These are for SEO and readability.

A few months ago we looked at the new zen of search engine optimisation; the importance of creating good quality content.

But quality rules.

This is still the fundamental benchmark – original, unique, quality content.

And popularity of course.

Secondly though is how important other respected websites view this content.

So to get your content recognised and respected you have to share it with your audiences. Existing and potential.

By following the principle of ‘answer the question‘ your content will be found by people searching for the answer(s) you give.

So success in SEO in 2016 needs awareness of the potential you have. Find the right balance of copy, imagery, audio and video to get your messages heard – Loud and Clear!

You may consider creating an ‘app’ for your customers, clients, users. Apps combine with websites and social media profiles to fully immerse people in your experience. And consequently in your brand.

Google are prioritising ‘mobile search’ in recognition of the shift in users away from desktops. ‘Local search’ is also crucial for any business or local based service, artisan or other. So being able to offer a complete experience using an app is well worth evaluating.

SEO in 2016 tips.

So your full SEO strategy for 2017/18 should include things like;

  • make sure the ‘answer the question’ principle applies to all new content
  • use social media to expand, promote and interact with audiences and potential customers
  • use YouTube
  • make regular use of your mailing list – this is where the best ‘gold’ usually resides
  • use your analytics data to see what is working for you and maximise the return
  • look at creating your own app for mobiles and tablets
  • watch ‘search’ trends and keep a particular eye on your industry to see where you can promote your messages

Finally, don’t neglect your SEO in 2016 because somebody tells you. Everyone else at the top of the lists are working hard to make sure they stay there. Keep your focus on the best and strive to build your credibility.